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It’s Coming! 2011 Women of Faith Conference:  Over the Top

I will be there for the Oklahoma City Event, November 11-12, 2001 as a guest of Women of Faith through their blogger network program.  I hope that you will consider attending this event when it comes near you.  It is an incredible weekend of music, testimonies, stories, tears, laughter, and rejoicing.  If you’ve never been, you can’t even imagine how “over the top” this experience will be.  I was not able to attend last year and I really missed that time of renewal and refreshment with my sisters in Christ.  The conference has changed over the years and the entire “core group” of Porch Pals are no longer at each event.  I look forward to laughing with Patsy Clairmont and learning from Marilyn Meberg; being overwhelmed by the incredible music of Sandi Patty, Amy Grant, and Mandisa.  I hope that you will consider attending; it is an experience you will not soon forget.


_225_350_Book.83.coverSo…what’s your story? I love stories–always have.  I may not always remember names, but I rarely forget a story. A Million Miles is one story I am certain not to forget.  I became acquainted with Mr. Miller earlier this year through his bestseller, Blue Like Jazz (2003)– an excellent work in itself: especially cathartic for those who might be recovering from negative religious experiences. A Million Miles is the powerful story that arose as Mr. Miller was approached about turning Blue Like Jazz into a movie.  Mr. Miller has an exceptionally engaging and easy style of writing that complements and lends credence to this insightful memoir.

A Million Miles is the story about “Story”: what makes a good story; the transformational power of stories; and most of all, about our ownership and responsibility for our own story.  In many ways, Mr. Miller’s story is not unlike the stories my patients share with me on a daily basis: the quest for love, meaning, adventure, forgiveness, and purpose; these elements making up some of the pillars of most good stories.  As Mr. Miller faces his own conflicts and demons, he inspires the reader to take a chance and live “a better story”.  Mr. Miller shares so much of himself in his writing that a sense of familiarity and intimacy is conveyed:  he feels like a trusted friend that you want to succeed.  His narration is both humorous and poignant. A Million Miles balances being instructive and encouraging, avoiding being dogmatic or “preachy”,  while demonstrating that significant life-changes are both possible and worthwhile.

As a psychiatrist, I am blessed to get to hear individuals’ stories on a daily basis: to reflect back these stories (as a type of whiteboard) and help my patients make course corrections as desired.  I have already begun recommending A Million Miles to many of my patients as well as to my friends.  I find it to be a most entertaining guide to assist anyone in “speaking a better story”.  I share Mr. Miller’s basic precept: all human life is meaningful and the best path finding meaning is by doing.  I am grateful to have read this wonderful book.  I recommend A Million Miles highly and without reservation.