The Invisible Woman: A Special Story for Mothers by Nicole Johnson

The Invisible Woman is a small, gift-book that I became aware of after seeing Nicole Johnson, a dramatist with Women of Faith.  I was fortunate to see her perform the monologue of the same name which tells the tale that is so familiar to many women who are wives and mothers: the tale of becoming “Invisible”, her term for being under-appreciated and unnoticed.  Johnson takes a profoundly different approach to this predicament: instead of promoting the need for validation by suggesting ways to gain applause and demanding attention to oneself, she promotes a very different perspective of service.  Through the journey of Charlotte Fisher, Johnson guides the reader into an appreciation for the “big picture”.  Johnson compares motherhood to being one of the countless, nameless workers who built the cathedrals in Europe; who did so not for their own glory but for the greater glory of the ultimate project.  This insightful book would make a sweet gift for any mother or grandmother, but will especially encourage any woman who is feeling “less than” because the position of “mom” isn’t compensated by prestige or money.